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The Downtown Spa & Laser Center in Norfolk, VA is a pioneer in the emerging market of Medical Spas, or MediSpas. Offering a variety of spa services in conjunction with non-invasive surgical alternatives means that one visit to the Downtown Spa & Laser Center is all you need to look – and feel – your best.

pixel laser skin resurfacing treatment photo

The Pixel laser treatment is fractional laser resurfacing which stimulates new collagen growth to improve the skin’s texture and tone and fight fine lines and wrinkles, while offering a shortened healing time, compared to other traditional laser skin resurfacing procedures. The Pixel treatment may also be used to shrink the appearance of pores and fill in acne scars.

How does Pixel work?
Pixel aesthetic laser treatment works by creating thousands of microscopic perforations on the skin’s surface.  The skin around the perforations remains intact allowing the skin’s top layer to heal from the edge of these tiny holes very rapidly.

When can I expect to see results?
Depending on your starting condition, you may see results after one treatment.

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