Skin Tightening, Norfolk

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Skin Tightening is an innovative new treatment that is quickly gaining in popularity due to the quick procedure, instant results, and lack of downtime.

With no surgery or recovery time, it’s always a great time to get a skin tightening procedure from the Downtown Spa & Laser Center in Norfolk, VA.

Skin Tightening TreatmentUtilizing the latest medical spa laser technology, our experienced aestheticians direct the infrared light source to the target area and heat the collagen beneath the surface of your skin. This causes your skin to contract, or tighten, achieving the desired results.

Skin Tightening treatments can be administered to facial or body areas for firmer, more youthful skin with reduced appearance of fine lines and creases.

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Skin Tightening Services

THERMiRF – Temperature-controlled radio frequency technology is utilized to treat soft tissue gently and safely.

Mesotherapy – Enzymes and other natural ingredients are injected into deposits of unwanted fat.

Kybella – A quick injection below the jawline and the bump beneath your chin where your neck connects is smooth and svelte.